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The issue of soft skills within management processes have a great boom for this time, recognizing that these skills are necessary at any level, all focuses on business organizations that maintain a high dynamic of interaction between people who work and that such interaction brings with it temporary moments of attrition, which are composed of work situations and interpersonal relationships, highlighting that those moments are particular in each space and as is well known if there is no management capable of balancing the situations that are generated is completely likely to generate ruptures in interpersonal relationships and work performance of course decays and with this the return on investment.

The clearest way to understand why soft skills and their imperious need as a component in the training of the current manager lies in the attention paid to the changing dynamics of today's society, the last 50 years present social evolutions on a large scale as a result of the multiplication of information and free access to it generated by the Internet; for example, this is because a theory emerged in which many areas have been supported and have been adjusted so that their approaches can work and give results, this theory is known as Empowerment.

Empowerment has its origins in the years 70´s and lays its social basis in the recognition of human beings under equal conditions, humanist aspect that comes from the abolition of slavery, and that there is an unequal distribution of power, which limits the ability of people to make decisions and this of course are aspects that at the level of social productivity, based on joy and welfare, prevent the transformation of societies and countries composed by them, seen in this way in general features.

Now, how this situation is translated into the management context and why it is so influential, what is mentioned in the previous paragraph is an prelude that leads to the understanding of the empowerment that people have socially today, the amount of rights that human beings have in all spheres of life allow us to deduce that work in organizations is developed by all those people who are socially empowered and that their ideals and principles are subject to such empowerment.

Therefore, those who make management in this era must understand that they are people directing people and they are faced with the need to evolve in their style to direct according to the social dynamic that surrounds them, thus understanding that the work they are faced with requires much more than academic, administrative or operative knowledge to develop between people, managing their emotions in a balanced way and employing a communicational model that in all possible senses adjusts to this balance of emotions; to name two basic aspects of soft skills; to achieve management processes - successful operations.

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