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The diversified economy we are living in has made the field of Corporate training a wide and interdisciplinarity area that requires a funda­mental amount of skills and learning tools. This is why, the professionals in the RH training arena required a new set of skills as a neces­sary way to growth their talents/collaborators; The process of training needs to have a base of learning principles and its application to leads into real development of Human Capital. This program aims to develop educational and stra­tegic skills in HR training professionals as a way to improve their collaborators performance

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Module 1

Basic principles of the leader as a trainer.

Module 5

Strategies for the development of training corporate

Module 2

Understanding the training processes of your collaborators.

Module 3

Tools for formative leaders

Module 4

Leadership for the management of efficient teams.

• Video Lectures.
• Online Exams.

• Masterclass

• 24/7 customer service.
• Compatible with any mobile device.
• KennedyLearn certified.

120 U$D


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