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Curso de Educación de Adultos

At Cinépolis, we have implemented a series of programs where Kennedy Education has been a very important ally. We have managed to establish a curriculum focused on the development of management skills for audiences ranging from 30 to 250 participants at all levels. Their programs are really flexible which makes it easy to work with them. I thank Kennedy for its immediate response to every change we needed, and for designing the programs as flexible as possible to achieve real impact for our collaborators.

Thanks for all the support

Sayra Escudero

Cinépolis Learning Center Leadership

Cinépolis Executive

Cinépolis "Leading company in the
cinemas and entertainment industry"

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How KennedyLearn's 

training content boosted employee retention and nurtured workplace skills for the 4th largest cinema chain in the world.

KennedyLearn leverages partnerships between universities to deliver on-demand soft skills training and a brighter future to students

KennedyLearn helps client slash costs for healthcare onboarding training needs

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